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Having worked in the fitness industry for quite some time, our first club opened late 2002. What I saw in the big clubs was a struggle to break even each month. Bringing in enough to cover the huge overhead was a challenge. Gym owners became stressed trying to figure out how to bring in more members and most importantly how to retain current members. Rent was high and the rent agreement was long usually more than 10 years. Payroll for a number of employees was another huge factor. It soon became apparent to me that the smaller club was the way to go if you wanted to have your own gym. The monthly rental rate for a size under 5000 square feet was much cheaper and it didn't require a huge membership to make a large profit due to the small overhead expense. After further research, I learned the 24 keyless entry clubs were even more profitable because it reduced or eliminated staffing and could be run as an absentee ownership business allowing one to keep their present job thereby eliminating or lessening any risk involved.

The only problem I found with the 24/7 access neighborhood facilities was the high cost of obtaining one and the many restrictions and controls the traditional franchisors had on the proclaimed franchisee.....Until Now.

Extreme Gym creates a model for success that is affordable to those who quite frankly are great candidates for gym ownership but don't have the necessary means to obtain the large funds necessary to obtain other fitness center franchises. And although we do execute some control, we eliminate alot of the control so you feel as though you actually own your gym because in reality.....you do!

The fitness industry despite the sour economy is still going strong. The industry is expected to grow to 25 billion dollars while gym memberships expected to grow to $50 million by the end of end of year. Many people have given up many amenities in their life but have held on to their gym memberships. This is due to the rise in obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and kidney failure.

There is no experience required. We hold your hand and assist you step by step with our turnkey gym franchise system.

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