Cheapest Fitness Franchises

Cheapest Fitness Franchises - Lowest Total Investment

If your looking to start a business on a shoe string budget, cheap franchises with the lowest total investment might be the way to go or even better, look into cheap fitness franchises. Now don't get me wrong, just because a franchise is cheap, doesn't mean it isn't a top franchise. Some of the cheapest franchises are actually the best franchises. Just take a look at some of the cleaning franchises. They are cheap but can be a very lucrative business. Now if your ideal business is a gym franchise, the 30 minute express circuits or personal training studios would be the cheaper fitness franchise.

Which is the Cheapest Fitness Franchise to start

If you are scouting the internet or other forms of media searching for the cheapest fitness franchises, Extreme Gym would be cheapest fitness franchise to start. Extreme Gym is a 24/7 access gym franchise particularly for the person looking to start a business on a low investment. We have the lowest franchise fee in the industry and for a limited time are waiving the royalty fees permanently for the next 5 franchisees. Although not cheaper than a cleaning franchise, A 24/7 access gym franchise can be very rewarding not to mention the self gratification every time you walk into your very own gym. And as far as the cheapest fitness franchises go, you can't beat the price especially looking at all the commercial gym equipment that goes along with your new franchise. You be the judge, do your research and price comparison. Afterwards, we look forward to seeing you in your very own brand new Extreme Gym.