New Extreme Gym Opens in Bay City

Another Extreme Gym franchise opened in Bay City TX. Owner Jason Phillips went all out with his decision to purchase rather than rent his building. After making some elaborate improvements he was up and running and fulfilling his dream of gym ownership. Jason is also the owner of a supplement store. Please keep in mind that finding a location and making major build out or constructional changes is not required. You can locate or we can find you a location that may only need a fresh coat of paint and and a good clean up job. We like to set you up with high quality commercial gym equipment, cross training and cardio at wholesale costs. Your location will be in a high traffic area with lease rates as low as $3 to $12 per sq ft. The biggest response we get from prospect is "It sounds to good to be true" because other franchises have much higher total investments including higher equipment, build out, franchise, and royalty fee cost. We believe in making dreams of gym ownership a reality at a much lower risk. Why do it for hundreds of thousands when you can do it for under a hundred thousand.

New Extreme Gym Franchise Opens in New Jersey

We are pleased to announce our newest Extreme Gym franchise located in Nutley, NJ. There will also be another Extreme Gym opening this August in Bay City, TX. Both Gyms will be jam packed with Life Fitness, Cybex and Precor Cardio and Strength Equipment. These 24/7 access gym franchises will also have personal training, supplements, classes and eventually cross-training. It is an extreme pleasure to help others achieve their goal of gym ownership. It is a self gratifying feeling to walk into a fully equipped gym and realizing it is your gym. Others looking to get into the fitness franchise industry at an extremely affordable investment should contact us.

Gym Franchises - Extreme Gym

Congratulations on the opening of our newest gym franchise located in Wynne, Arkansas. Extreme Gym is offering Gym Franchises with no royalty fees until the end of 2012. Your probably asking yourself why should I choose an Extreme Gym franchise. Well for one affordability. You won't find a more affordable gym franchise nor will you have the flexibility to do what you want such as cross-training, juice bar, tanning, child care, boot camp, classes, supplements, location, colors, style  and more. Also you can contact us anytime as a franchisee. We are here to help you every step of the way when you need it.

Best Gym Franchise Opportunities

Many other gym franchise opportunities are good but they are too expensive and financially risky. The best gym franchise opportunities are the ones that are reasonably priced, offer top quality gym equipment and the type of support you want. That's exactly the type of gym franchise Extreme Gym offers We can get you up and running in your very own gym in about 30 days.

New Gym Franchises

Extreme Gym, one of the new gym franchises of 2011 -2012 offers everything other gym franchises offer without putting a hole in your wallet. Our model is to get you up and running in a high traffic location with low rent and the best in gym and cardio equipment at the lowest price possible. for more information enter your name, email and phone number to the right to receive more information and be redirected to our website.

Cheapest Fitness Franchises

Cheapest Fitness Franchises - Lowest Total Investment

If your looking to start a business on a shoe string budget, cheap franchises with the lowest total investment might be the way to go or even better, look into cheap fitness franchises. Now don't get me wrong, just because a franchise is cheap, doesn't mean it isn't a top franchise. Some of the cheapest franchises are actually the best franchises. Just take a look at some of the cleaning franchises. They are cheap but can be a very lucrative business. Now if your ideal business is a gym franchise, the 30 minute express circuits or personal training studios would be the cheaper fitness franchise.

Which is the Cheapest Fitness Franchise to start

If you are scouting the internet or other forms of media searching for the cheapest fitness franchises, Extreme Gym would be cheapest fitness franchise to start. Extreme Gym is a 24/7 access gym franchise particularly for the person looking to start a business on a low investment. We have the lowest franchise fee in the industry and for a limited time are waiving the royalty fees permanently for the next 5 franchisees. Although not cheaper than a cleaning franchise, A 24/7 access gym franchise can be very rewarding not to mention the self gratification every time you walk into your very own gym. And as far as the cheapest fitness franchises go, you can't beat the price especially looking at all the commercial gym equipment that goes along with your new franchise. You be the judge, do your research and price comparison. Afterwards, we look forward to seeing you in your very own brand new Extreme Gym.

Extreme Gym Franchise - No Royalty Fees

During the rest of 2012, Extreme Gym will waive the royalty fees permanently for the next five new franchisees. This is another way Extreme Gym is helping those wanting their very own gym. It makes your decision a little easier. Not only is Extreme the affordable choice but now....No Royalty Fees ever!

Fitness Franchise Testimonial

Extreme Gym is projected to have a fitness franchise open the first quarter of 2012 in 5 different cities. More are expected to open later in the year. Anyone interested in their own Extreme Gym franchise contact us at 484-294-9648. For a guaranteed lower investment than any franchise or non-franchise competitor, we can set you up in a complete fitness center including training and ongoing support. You'll have your own 24/7 access gym with state of the art equipment, surveillance system, gym management software, video tutorials, assistance with site, lease and insurance and much more. Check out the testimonial below of one of our franchisees.

Testimonial on File
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I was looking for a business opportunity doing something I enjoy. I have always enjoyed being in the gym, but I always thought it was too expensive. I looked at all the other franchises and going it alone. After doing the research, I realized that it would be just a dream. Then one day I ran across Extreme Gym. I saw that the cost was cheap and figured that there had to be a catch. There was no catch. It was a 1/3 of the price as the next closest franchise. I had never owned a business and had no idea what I was doing. David helped me through the whole process all the way through the open and is still there for me if I need it. I also really enjoyed having the flexibility to customize my gym to cater to the culture of my area. There are a million of small towns, but each one is a little different. My members are excited about my gym and business is booming. They are just amazed that they get all this equipment, low price and it is 24 hour access. The biggest selling point to my members is that they have access to a gym 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (even on holidays). I spend a lot of time doing things for my gym, but it doesn’t feel like I am working at a job.
Mike Houghland, Franchisee
Extreme Gym, Columbus, TX

Our newest Extreme Gym franchise location

Our newest fitness center franchise opened on Oct 1st in Columbus Texas. See the photos of the health club below. If you are interested in our fitness center franchise opportunity visit for more information.

Newest Fitness Center Franchise

Total Equipment cost $54,000 includes cardio, free weights, benches, circuit machines, mats, etc.