New Extreme Gym Opens in Bay City

Another Extreme Gym franchise opened in Bay City TX. Owner Jason Phillips went all out with his decision to purchase rather than rent his building. After making some elaborate improvements he was up and running and fulfilling his dream of gym ownership. Jason is also the owner of a supplement store. Please keep in mind that finding a location and making major build out or constructional changes is not required. You can locate or we can find you a location that may only need a fresh coat of paint and and a good clean up job. We like to set you up with high quality commercial gym equipment, cross training and cardio at wholesale costs. Your location will be in a high traffic area with lease rates as low as $3 to $12 per sq ft. The biggest response we get from prospect is "It sounds to good to be true" because other franchises have much higher total investments including higher equipment, build out, franchise, and royalty fee cost. We believe in making dreams of gym ownership a reality at a much lower risk. Why do it for hundreds of thousands when you can do it for under a hundred thousand.