Fitness Franchise Testimonial

Extreme Gym is projected to have a fitness franchise open the first quarter of 2012 in 5 different cities. More are expected to open later in the year. Anyone interested in their own Extreme Gym franchise contact us at 484-294-9648. For a guaranteed lower investment than any franchise or non-franchise competitor, we can set you up in a complete fitness center including training and ongoing support. You'll have your own 24/7 access gym with state of the art equipment, surveillance system, gym management software, video tutorials, assistance with site, lease and insurance and much more. Check out the testimonial below of one of our franchisees.

Testimonial on File
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I was looking for a business opportunity doing something I enjoy. I have always enjoyed being in the gym, but I always thought it was too expensive. I looked at all the other franchises and going it alone. After doing the research, I realized that it would be just a dream. Then one day I ran across Extreme Gym. I saw that the cost was cheap and figured that there had to be a catch. There was no catch. It was a 1/3 of the price as the next closest franchise. I had never owned a business and had no idea what I was doing. David helped me through the whole process all the way through the open and is still there for me if I need it. I also really enjoyed having the flexibility to customize my gym to cater to the culture of my area. There are a million of small towns, but each one is a little different. My members are excited about my gym and business is booming. They are just amazed that they get all this equipment, low price and it is 24 hour access. The biggest selling point to my members is that they have access to a gym 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (even on holidays). I spend a lot of time doing things for my gym, but it doesn’t feel like I am working at a job.
Mike Houghland, Franchisee
Extreme Gym, Columbus, TX